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Graviola - Guanabana Leaves
Spray-dried extract

The Graviola also known as soursop (Annona muricata) grows between 0 - 1000msnm. It has been cultivated since pre-Hispanic times, with representations of its fruit being found in ceramics from the Chimú Culture.

It is a plant native to the tropical zone of South America. Guanabana leaves contain active ingredients known as annonaceae acetogenins, they could have superior properties to the recognized antitumor ADRIAMYCIN.


Against diabetes:
The limit of normal sugar levels ranges from 70 mg to 120 mg. The nutrients in Graviola leaves are believed to stabilize blood sugar levels in the normal range. Also, soursop leaf extracts can be used as one of the natural remedies for diabetes. All this makes these leaves beneficial for diabetics.

Stimulates the immune system and infections:
The nutrient content of graviola leaves is believed to boost the immune system and prevent infections in the body.

Against eczema:
Graviola leaves can treat eczema naturally. You can puree the Graviola powder and apply it on the affected areas twice a day regularly. This will help ease the pain caused by eczema in addition to treating it.

Other benefits:
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, graviola leaves are extremely effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and tumor development. Its healing properties make it capable of being used as an anti-seizure medication. They are also capable of reducing fever and lowering high blood pressure. They help in treating inflammation and swelling of the feet. They help digestion and improve appetite. Consuming soursop from the leaf on a regular basis helps improve stamina and facilitate quick recovery from illness.

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